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Dolores and Mike at the Green Jobs Training Center are nothing short of wonderful. They go the extra mile to make sure that you understand everything completely before they move on. They are so familiar with this business from years and years of experience that they really have an answer for pretty much everything.


Additionally, all of their practical knowledge, really goes a long way to make you, as a practitioner, more efficient in your craft. This is not a shop that is interested in just getting your money and getting you out the door, they truly care.


Best Wishes,

Mason BenYair



I have been to a few other training facilities here in the city and none compare to the quality, experience, personability, knowledge and overall performance of  Dolores and Michael at Green Jobs Training Center.


As a Marine Corps veteran, I can be demanding of my trainings but the program they have there is outstanding and unsurpassed. I am extremely excited to have received my BPI Building Analyst through them and plan on building on  my career through their tutelage. My crews will definitely be coming here for their training! Thank YOU Dolores and Michael!


Rene Segura

Bronx NY



It was a pleasure to train with such professionals who are so dedicated to this industry.  I feel very fortunate to have been trained by such a great instructor and at a first class professional school. I was able to prepare on all the most up to date equipment. You also had many different models of equipment to choose from. Mike your knowledge is vast and I am sure I will be calling for your assistance in the future. Dolores you provided me with all the reference materials necessary for my success. You were also very calming on test day. Thank you for the comfortable and stress free environment.






Greetings Green Jobs Training Center,


I wanted to thank you for proctoring my recent BPI field and written re-certification exams. Based on that experience, I wish to report your staffs’ utter skill and professionalism in administering these requirements.


From the first contact with Dolores, we were handled with complete efficiency. She quickly got us scheduled. She clearly provided all the details we needed to arrive on time and be fully prepared. And as you can imagine, testing can be an anxious moment for many of us. On the day of testing, her complete control and soothing nature certainly calmed the moment and helped lead to the successful completion of our exams.


The next day, we met with Mike, your field proctor. Again, nothing but complete control and utter professionalism was demonstrated by him. He took the time to answer all procedural questions thoroughly and accurately. I must say, he exudes proficiency in the field of home performance. This kind of dedication to this field is hard to find and certainly a valuable asset. You are fortunate to have a professional like Mike on your staff.


All in all, our experience with Green Jobs has been a positive one indeed. I would highly recommend your organization to anyone retesting or entering the field.


With Warm Regards,

Patrick Ryan

Ryan Builds


Thank you for preparing me for my BPI certification exams. You guys run a great program from top to bottom, one I would recommend to anyone interested in learning about building science. Mike’s approach to teaching the subject is top notch, and done in a way that is fun, informative, and far more beneficial to students than just taking notes and reading from slides. Keep up the great work.


All the best,

Jason K

Powersmith Home Energy Solutions



I just wanted to personally thank you for a great learning experience these past 8 days.


Your styles of teaching, combined with a very comfortable stress free environment, and patience made everybody in the class get the most out of their training. We were never rushed through information, and you guys always made yourselves available after hours. Everything was very well organized to remove the anxiety from the equation.


It was very nice meeting all off you.


Thank you for everything, and I'm sure I'll be speaking with you again in the near future.



Frank L. Lerandi

Bullfrog Builders



I wanted to mention how excellent my recent training session went. You are both highly organized and professional. I learned a great deal in streamlining the audit process as well. I will send my guys for continuing ed and renewals.



Joe Prush

Green Home Logic



I would like to thank you for your time and patients with me. I would also like to tell you that I have received my certification in the mail yesterday and “wow” it feels good. It took me several months to finally get that time off and take the course and exams but well worth every minute I spent with you two.


I am so delighted to have chosen Green Jobs Training Center as my BPI certification training provider. Your knowledge and sharing of it was astounding. I found myself wanting to learn more and challenge you which way very interesting and delightful. I am looking forward to my next certification class. I have an interview with the Housing Dept. and I believe that having that BPI BA Certification added to my résumé and will make me a great candidate for that job.


Thanks again,




Thank you both so much for all the hard work and time you both put into Green Jobs training center. Its nice to see some people take what they do to the next level. Mike has the absolute best teaching style I have ever come across in the twenty plus years I have been in the building trades. I would highly recommend Green Jobs Training Center for anyone who wants to further themselves in the building science field. Thanks again with all my appreciation and gratitude.


Jim Carpenter

now Certified BPI BA/Envelope/Heating Professional



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for my training experience with your company. I have leaned so much and it has caused me to want and spread my knowledge with others because of the attention and care I received. I not only received classroom training but your institution took us students out into the field to experience the real hands on work. In my opinion no one does that or offers such an extension of courtesy. In conclusion, as a certified minority enterprise, my certification has opened new doors for me with the city that otherwise could never be made possible.


Eddy Charles

Double "D" Repairs, Mechanical



I wanted to thank you for the education I received from you during my training last winter. It has been a great help in being able to connect with our clients and having them agree to do the work. I would not be as proficient in my sales efforts had it not been for much of the "real world" information and experiences you imparted. Much of what I do in my presentation is directly attributable to my experiences at the Green Jobs Training Center.


Sandy Kartzman

Vice-President Sales


Home Energy Solutions



First I have to say thank you so much for the mentoring session and the two field tests. You have to be the best teacher I have come across in my life. Seriously you are THE MAN! You have the greatest teaching style I have ever seen and I totally appreciate your dedication and depth of knowledge. I am definitely taking heating professional with you. In short..Dude you RULE!!


James Carpenter

Building Analyst



It's 11:27 on a Saturday night and I'm working for business on my computer this late. My "inbox" bell went off notifying me that "I got mail". I checked to see that BPI had just uploaded it's newest CEU's on it's "Candidate Portal" page. WOW...I just took the "Lead RRP" course with Green Jobs Training Center not even 7 days ago, and I just got 4.5 CEU's for BPI ! Not only did I get a great class and certification, but now I have 4.5 CEU's towards my BPI re-certifcation. I don't know any other training facility that does that...and how did we get them so FAST? You guy's are great!


Dylan Baggett

Green Building Designs



Thanks you for your training session- it was truly on target. Mike’s teaching style is highly effective; he is able to teach the material in a clear and visual manner enabling both Eli and Jacob to comprehend, retain, and apply the information to actual fieldwork. Mike is able to take the complex and convey it in simple memorable terms so that a novice interested in pursuing this field could grasp the necessary concepts and guidelines. Each aspect of the training session (verbal exchange, guest speakers) served as valuable tools in presenting an overview of BPI certification and the benefits of becoming accredited. Both men are eager to take on the second course, envelope training.


Thanks again for your wonderful service.



Accurate Insulators LLC



Dear Michael and Dolores:


Good day. Having recently completed the BPI Building Analyst Training with you I would just like to offer a few words.


It was evident early on that Michael was not simply a teacher" who knew from books or theory, but knew his stuff (the subject matter) from real experience.


First, there was the small class size which allowed discussion and clarification of concepts and practices that some may have found a bit foreign.


Second, his teaching style was exemplary. Not only did we learn what was necessary to pass the BPI exam, or the fundamentals of building science but, and the importance of this cannot be overstressed: the Common Sense it takes to make assessments and decisions when faced with real world situations. There is but so much one can learn from a book or lecture. It is when theory and concepts meet reality that the true measure of one's experience takes hold. Put another way, one can practice this but without what Michael taught the same mistakes can be made over and over and the experience gained would mean nothing.


From this training I have gained knowledge + how to apply common sense = true competency (wisdom) to move forward productively in this field.


Thank you Michael.


And of course, I would be derelict if I did not extend a hearty thank you to Dolores who keeps everything running smoothly and without which I am sure Green Jobs Training Center would not be as excellent as it is.



Mark Collins



Hi Mike & Dee,


I just want to thank you all again for giving and providing us this wonderful seven days training course. The whole training was informative, productive, pleasant, and most important, very professional. Michael, being the most qualified person in this field in New York was patient and never selfish sharing his knowledge to anyone. Dolores, it was a great, probably the best studying package that you must have spent tremendous time creating it, the books and binders are very informative and easy to use. Even Dolores' son was working hard, making us feel comfortable and have nice hot coffee ready every morning. We all can't wait to come back again for more training.


Again, thank you all very much.

Jason Woo


Dolores & Michael,


Thank you for your help over the past week. Your curriculum is amazing, and your customer service is exceptional and superior to many alternatives out there.

Because of your training, I feel well prepared to take my tests.


Thank you again,

Tamara Nall

TLN Worldwide Enterprises, Inc.



Green Jobs Training Center offers any prospective student an ideal training opportunity. Mike Dunseith, the lead instructor, has managed to make understanding building science concepts and preparing for a career in building performance an enjoyable experience. I would heartily recommend Green Jobs Training Center to anybody that is serious about actually learning their new craft.


Steve Luxton

National Program Manager

Home Energy Tune-uP™



Michael is an insightful instructor and is highly dedicated to his profession. His ability to explain technical subjects without the use of jargon is excellent. He is an asset to the advancement of understanding why saving energy keeps people healthy too.


Jerritt G.



I called on Michael at Green Jobs Training Center to provide me with a review of the BPI curriculum in order to better prepare for the field tests for Building Analyst and Envelope Professional certifications. Michael's construction background makes him an expert in his field. His experience combined with his strong presentation skills and command of energy efficiency analysis were a great assist to me in better understanding how to perform a thorough home energy assessment. I thank Michael for his time and attention and look forward to working with him again.


Chris H.



Michael is one of the most knowledgeable building scientist I know and his ability to teach proper home performance is unsurpassed. Also, Green Jobs Training Center's training facility has the best hands-on laboratory classroom by far.


Frank M.



Hi Dolores,


I just received my BPI Certification. Thank you and the “Green Jobs Training Center”, so much, for the professional assistance afforded to me in making this possible. Also, great thanks to Michael for his expertise and first rate material reviews.



Nancy G

Tarrytown, NY




Hello Dee and Mike,


I want to thank you again for all of your guidance and professionalism that assisted me in passing the field examination for my BPI test. I will be referring all of my employees and colleagues due to the professionalism that I received from your program.


I was nervous but was treated with gold gloves in helping me achieve my goals.



Frank Treglia

Green Tree Energy



“Green Jobs Training Center” was an excellent training facility for all my BPI Certifications. The facility itself is a customized work of art with all the equipment, systems and materials available. Unlike other training centers this facility is not only good for your “in class” sessions but for all the practical applications as well. I was able to see, touch and practice on all the house systems which prepared me for real life work experience. Most of the training centers provide you with ‘theoretical’ approach to all the aspects of your future work scope which will not make it any easier on you during your field exams or real work. At “Green Jobs Training Center” I can do it all myself with a great instructor and amazing person Michael Dunseith! His “science made simple’ approach is absolutely amazing. He makes every effort to make sure that ALL students walk away with thorough understanding of the subject. I am very happy to have had a chance to learn from him!


Olga R.

Turn Home Green

Brooklyn NY



Dolores, I would like to thank you for your help with the scheduling of my field examinations.


Mike was great during the review class and throughout my field examination. His wealth of experience really provided me with extra tools to take on the tests. He really made me feel comfortable.


Jason L.



Thank you for having me over for the training. You guys were the perfect hosts and I was shocked you both didn't do the norm and actually gave of yourselves to educate us even more and spent the time listening to US!


The best part about all this is the stories that go back and forth with every ones experience in this field. ...;-)


Looking forward to test day!!!



Valley Stream



Thank you, thank you, I can’t say it enough! You opened my eyes and now I get it. I am so glad I took the review. After all those days in the classroom at another training provider, you gave me all the information I needed to make the connection. Looking forward to test day now.




Staten Island



Your effective and all-encompassing training has provided the employees of Apex Engineering, PC with a firm foundation for analyzing buildings for energy efficiency. They walked away with a working knowledge of building analysis for energy performance. It was cost-effective and convenient to be able to send our workers to one location for comprehensive BPI training and testing. On behalf of my employees and myself, I offer you my sincere thank you.


Yours truly,



Apex Engineering, P.C.

Mahopac, NY



P.O. Box 140596 Howard Beach, NY 11414 :: Phone: 718.659.1205