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Green Jobs Staff is certified to provide services in code compliance testing in the New York area

Air infiltration testing and duct pressurization testing service


What are they?


Blower doors and duct pressurization devices have become an important tool for high performance builders.


As building codes evolve, more commercial and residential buildings across the United States are being designed to meet standards that reduce air leakage through the building enclosure. Those leakage points cost the building occupants to be uncomfortable and pay high energy costs.  New York DOB is requiring buildings to meet the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) for air infiltration and duct leakage.


The presence of a tighter building enclosure allows for lower utility bills, provides the ability to size mechanicals correctly, improves indoor air quality and reduces issues due to moisture brought in by gaps in the enclosure.


Testing ductwork in residential HVAC systems for air tightness is essential to ensure a home will be energy efficient and comfortable. Tighter ducts help mechanicals perform better by allowing conditioned air to travel to its intended destination. They also keep newly conditioned air from escaping to the outside of the home. New York City and municipal code jurisdictions are including duct sealing and testing requirements for residential new construction.


• All testing is done as per the strict guidelines of ASTM E 779, ASTM E 1186 and ASTM E 1827.


• All staff at Green Jobs are nationally certified and experienced to perform testing.


• All equipment is calibrated as per manufactures guidelines.


• Green Jobs staff work with architects and engineers to complete TR 8 forms.


• Testing must be scheduled. Estimates available. Discounts for multiple projects scheduled at the same time.


• Green Jobs is committed to providing an efficient service to our clients. You can count on us to be professional, timely and make sure that you are satisfied every step of the way.

Consulting Services/Project Management/Weatherization


GJTC delivers building science expertise that enables homeowners to make measurable changes and raise the efficiency of their homes, improves comfort, indoor air quality and the durability of the building. We provide expert energy audits and home assessments. Our field service staff works directly with contractors and homeowners to ensure high quality home performance measures that reflect the latest energy efficient remodeling techniques.


Home (Performance) Improvement

We assess and improve the energy efficiency of existing single and multi-family buildings. We work closely with National, State, Local, energy efficiency program administrators, utilities, and other program sponsors; we manage and offer a wide range of programs and services.


We provide industry consulting, training and diagnostic service.


CHA: Comprehensive Home Assessment

Building performance testing.


Unlike other comprehensive Home Assessments that just think energy savings is important we believe, so is air quality.


We at GJTC test all aspects of your buildings-insulation levels, air leakage, duct leakage and room-by-room air flow testing, heating and ventilation needs as well as carbon monoxide we don’t stop there! All our assessments also include checks for excess moisture problems; radon and use infared thermal imaging technology.


Our Home assessment packages range from a very simple energy audit to complex dynastic testing for extreme building problems.

Energy Conservatory Manometer DG 3/ DG5/ DG700 Yearly Calibration Service

Let Green Jobs Training Center help you keep your equipment in tip top shape. We have "drop off" or "wait for" manometer calibration service. Do not get QA inspected and have an expired manometer. Call for prices and schedules.

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