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You name it, we can build it!

Let us build the right display for your needs.

House Anatomy

Air Sealing and Insulation Display: Walls

Learning Lab Models and Displays:


If you are looking for education tools and trade show displays to enhance your learning, we’ve got it. We know that it’s not always easy to evaluate real live situations without the right support.


With GJTC replication we can make visual interactive displays to help relay your message because we know that there is nothing like hands on experience!


At Green Jobs Training Center we don’t believe in one size fits all. Our design staff will help build you the best product that fits your needs.


Our process starts with a brief interview to determine your needs. Next, our staff uses its database to search for the latest materials available to design a custom-made product.


Upon approval, we will begin building your one of a kind display model.


All products are made of the highest quality. environmentally-friendly materials. Only Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ( lumber is used. All finishes are Low VOC.


Displays recreating:

  • Air sealing
  • Insulation
  • Wind washing
  • Plumbing bypasses
  • Drop down soffits
  • Light displays
  • Stack effect
  • Air flow
  • IAQ
  • Thermal By Passes
  • Knee walls
  • Cantilevers
  • Framing types
  • Duct sealing

Air Sealing and Insulation Display: Band Joists

Air Sealing and Insulation Display: Knee Walls

Attic Creeper


  • A Weatherization crew favorite.
  • Increased Safety, Improved Production, Reduced Accidents
  • Two sizes to choose from, light weight and versatile


You name it, we can build it! Let us build the right display for your needs.

Duct Leakage Trainer


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