Building Performance Training

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Multi-Family Professional

Applying building-as-a-system fundamentals to improve the performance of larger, more complex residential structures.


This training will cover multifamily building performance analysis including pre-visit procedures, site visit, analysis and reporting to help students prepare for the Building Performance Institute’s Multifamily Building Analyst online written and online practical exams. Participants will be instructed on the evaluation of building performance and improvement opportunities based on a review of energy use and building operating conditions.


Multifamily Professional course will prepare you to understand heating system load and sizing, design, duct system diagnostics, and proper maintenance and efficiency analysis. Training will include review of some Building Analyst topics, but is not a BA preparatory course.



Training Agenda


Day 1

  • Section 1 Intro to BPI MFBA
  • Section 2 The Auditing Process
  • Section 3 Utility Analysis
  • Section 4.1 Building Systems – Lighting
  • Section 4.2 Building Systems – Electrical Systems


Day 2

  • Section 5 Building Systems – Heating


Day 3

  • Section 6 Building Systems –Cooling
  • Section 7 Building Systems –Ventilation
  • Section 8 Building Systems – Motors


Day 4

  • Section 9 Building Systems –Envelope
  • Section 10 Building Systems –Water
  • Section 11 The Report

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