Building Performance Training

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As a BPI Affiliate, Green Jobs Training Center provides field performance proctoring for these certifications:

  • Building Analyst
  • Envelope Professional
  • Heating
  • A/C Heat Pump
  • Multi family
  • WH-Air leakage Control


We also provide written (online) testing for all written BPI certifications.


Both written (online) and field testing is included in our Building Analyst and Envelope Professional Packages (discounted for a limited time only). Field tests must be taken individually and we provide a safe secure environment in our test house location. We also provide all necessary equipment for both written and field exams.


BPI certification testing (or re-testing of failed tests) is available at a rate of $250 per written exam and $500 per field performance test. We can provide private 1 on 1 mentor sessions for those not wishing to take a full course or have failed on previous field exam attempts. Mentor Session fees are $225.00 per time slot and are customized to fit the candidates request and field performance test designation including Combustion Safety (CAZ).


  • BPI Online Exam: $250
  • BPI Field Exam: $500.00


  • BPI - WHALC field performance exam fee without taking the class is $650.00
  • BPI – Multifamily written $250.00 and online practical exam $350.00

  • HEP written exams $300.00
  • HEP field exams $700.00


Please call for more information and scheduling.


We are only the proctor for exams; BPI is the one that grades them.


BPI states, you may retake the field / written exam three times within one year; if you fail a third time you must wait an entire year and re-apply. All exams must be prepaid; travel time will be invoiced (if required). If you fail a field test, you must wait for the official notification from BPI before retesting. BPI new policy is if you fail a written exam you must wait 24 hours before retesting.

Building Performance Institute (BPI): Fact Sheet

What is the Building Performance Institute?

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is an organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the building trades. As a national resource for building science technology and how homes should be assessed and improved, BPI sets the standards and administers certifications for technicians and accreditations for companies. Remodelers, builders, insulation contractors, and heating and cooling contractors are only a few of the trades that can benefit from building performance certification.


What is Building Performance?

Building performance is a systematic, scientific approach to improving the indoor environment, by applying energy efficiency upgrades to the whole house, not just a part of it. It incorporates comfort, health and safety, durability, and energy efficiency into a comprehensive package.


How does that work?

Buildings are systems of interacting parts. Building performance contractors use a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate each improvement to a particular system of your home for its potential to affect other systems. A weakness in one system can have a ripple effect, thus compromising performance in systems throughout the house. For instance, an insulation contractor may recommend ventilation improvements in conjunction with insulation to make sure the house does not become “too tight” and to preserve the indoor air quality. A heating contractor may recommend additional insulation before installing a high efficiency heating system to ensure comfort and savings. Both contractors will ensure the safety of all combustion appliances in the home.




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