Insulation and Air Sealing Training in preparation for BPI certification exams

The IAST Training will prepare you to implement measures to tighten the building envelope to reduce energy loss from air leakage, as well as the introduction of pollutants and allergens through air migration. This course will also prepare you to improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency through the proper installation of dense-pack insulation materials. This class will conclude with BPI Certification tests.

Training Overview:
This is a 4 day course that includes hands on training. The class will cover approaches of whole house weatherization and installation techniques. Students will receive hands on training that will focus on areas of health and safety on the job site, air sealing, insulation placement, sealing ductwork, and using blower door guided air sealing techniques to effectively weatherize a dwelling. Students will also learn organization techniques including crew management, organization on the job, and effectively organizing trucks to improve quality and quantity.

** Individual exam sessions are scheduled the first day of class

BPI Testing Information:
Following completion of this course, participants will be eligible to take the bpi practical exam. The cost of this exam is included in the tuition fee. This practical exam satisfies the requirements for bpi certification. Test date will be arrange the first day of class. Candidates must pass this exam before receiving the Residential Building Envelope Accessible Areas Air Leakage Control Installer certification.


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