Envelope Professional Training in preparation for BPI certification exams (Shell Training)

This training includes both classroom sessions and hands on field experience that prepares candidates for the nationally recognized certification of BPI’s Envelope Professional. Upon successfully passing the written and field performance evaluation exams candidates will be qualified to analyze and recommend the appropriate whole house remedies. Qualifying candidates may make special arrangements to take both BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional tests simultaneously*. The trainings consists of an overview of Health and Safety, Indoor Air Quality Assessment, Advanced Blower Door Applications, Insulation Techniques & Applications, and other topics related to improving building envelope efficiency through diagnostic testing.

Who this course is recommended for:
Energy Auditor Energy Engineer Home Inspector
Weatherization Building Contractor HERS Rater
HVAC Professional Insulation Professionals Architects

2 day Classroom 2 Day Field Agenda:
  • Health and Safety
  • Air Sealing & Dense-Pack Techniques
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  • Prioritizing Air Sealing Work
  • Indoor Moisture Sources & Solutions
  • Duct Diagnostics
  • Visual Detection
  • Insulation Techniques & Applications
  • Thermal Pressure Boundary Evaluation
  • Window & Door Inspections
  • Inspection Critical Shell Transitions
  • Minimum Ventilation Requirements (ASHRAE 62-89, BPI)
  • Advanced Blower Door Applications
  • Ventilation Systems Options

BPI Testing Information:
Following completion of this course, participants will be eligible to take the BPI written/online exam and field exam. The costs of the exams are included in the instruction fee. There will be a written/online exam which satisfies the first component of the BPI certification requirements. Candidates must also pass a field performance exam before receiving certification. Test dates will be selected from a choice given to students during classroom instruction.

*Note - The Envelope Certification in conjunction with the Building Analyst certification will make your company (and employees) eligible to apply for Accreditation (company i.e. insulation, weatherization, window installation company, retro fit construction etc.). BPI Accreditation may be required by many Federal, State & Utility programs. Accreditation can also be useful in acquiring various incentives for homeowners throughout each town and state. Additiional fee applies.

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